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Notices - Sunday 3rd April

Call to Rev Calum Murdo Smith

Following the congregational meeting on Wednesday 23rd March, at which Rev Calum Murdo Smith, (minister at North Uist, Grimsay and Berneray Free Church) was elected as prospective Assistant Minister, a request was sent to the Presbytery to arrange a meeting to sign a Call to Mr Smith.

The Presbytery met on Tuesday 29th March and appointed Wednesday 20th April as the date for signing the Call. This meeting will be in the church, Kenneth Street, at 7.30pm.  It is important that as many people as possible attend in person to sign the Call so that the Presbytery can ascertain the level of support for calling Mr Smith.

If you are unable to be present, you can sign a form known as a “mandate” authorising one of the elders to add your name to the Call. Separate mandate forms are used for communicant members and for regular hearers who are not communicants.  For all who are housebound, or just not likely to attend the meeting, your district elder will contact you and encourage for you to sign the relevant Mandate Form.  Please contact your district elder if you have not been contacted by Saturday 9th April and wish to sign a mandate form or are unsure about any of these matters.

Please pray for Mr Smith and for the congregation in North Uist, as well as for ourselves, that God will make His will clear.

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Service Details - Sunday 3rd April

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on We are the Servants of the God of Heaven and Earth, and we are Rebuilding from Ezra 5:11 and live on YouTube

11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by Rev D. A. Macdonald  who will preach on Iosua an t-Àrd Shagart from Zechariah 3:1 and live on YouTube

6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on The Presence of God and Peace from Philippians 4:8-9 and live on YouTube

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Providence Newsletter

Notices - Sunday 27th March

Blythswood Care Appeal in Stornoway

We thank your church and congregation for the support given to the Blythswood Appeal for their work at home and in Eastern Europe. It was an amazing day of community spirit in helping and supporting the Blythswood Appeal. God blessed it very, very much.

At present Blythswood are working with, and supporting their partners in Hungary, Romania and Moldova with the significant number of refugees coming into these areas. They are also helping other partners in Ukraine.

The Blythswood Ukraine Emergency Appeal has raised over £200,000 at present and can still be contributed to.

Donations to the Blythswood Ukraine Crisis Appeal can be made by calling 01349 830777 or at any time online at:

Alternatively, you can put your contribution in an envelope clearly marked ‘Ukraine Appeal’ and place it in the collection plates at the church or the Seminary.  If paying by cheque please make it payable to ‘Stornoway Free Church’.

May God bless you all and may we all pray for peace to come to Eastern Europe.

Organising Group – Blythswood Stornoway

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Service Details - Sunday 27th March

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Mr Scott Macleod  who will preach on Wine in a Water Bottle from John 2:11 and live on YouTube

11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by Rev James Maciver  who will preach on Foighidneach gu Teachd an Tighearna from Litir Sheumais 5: 7-8 and live on YouTube


6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on Rejoicing, Reasonableness and Requests from Philippians 4:4-7 and live on YouTube

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WFM Spring Bake and Craft Stall

Notices - Sunday 20th March

Congregational Meeting – Wednesday 23rd March

The congregational meeting last Wednesday evening could not be completed because the number of people wanting to join the Zoom meeting exceeded the limit of 100. For an additional fee this limit has been increased to 500 over the next month. The rearranged congregational meeting will now take place in the Seminary on Wednesday 23rd March at 7.30pm, with a Zoom facility for those not able to attend. The Zoom login will be as for previous Wednesdays.

The purpose of the meeting will be to elect an Assistant Minister for the congregation to replace Rev K. I. Macleod who retired last year.


As a number of people were asking what will happen at the meeting, the following details should be helpful.


The minister will lead the meeting and after a short time of worship he will explain the procedure involved in electing a new assistant minister and at the end of the meeting he will explain what happens next. A member of the Kirk Session will propose the name of a minister deemed by the Session to be suitable for the post of assistant minister and another member of Session will second this proposal. An opportunity for other names to be submitted will be given.

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Service Details - Sunday 20th March

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on Belonging to the Household of God from Ephesians 2:19-22 and live on YouTube

11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by
Rev James Macdonald  who will preach on Ciod a tha thu a Faicinn Amois? from Amos 8:2 and live on YouTube

6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Rev Kenneth I Macleod who will preach on Four Short Prayers from Matthew 14:22-23; Psalm 139; Exodus 33:12-23; Isaiah 6:1-8 and live on YouTube

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