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God's Chosen People in Exile

On Sunday evening, Reverend James MacIver continued with the second of his studies in the series on 1 Peter, this time entitled, God’s Chosen People in Exile.

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God Said and God Did

On Sunday morning, Reverend Kenneth I MacLeod continued his series on Genesis, preaching from chapter 21, verses 1 – 3, on ‘God Said and God Did’.

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Notices - 29 October

Rotas - 29 October

Service details - 29 October

God's Chosen People

On Sunday evening, Rev James MacIver began a series of sermons on 1 Peter. There is much in this book of the teaching which Peter himself received from the Lord, as we saw in the recent study series on the Life of Simon Peter. Indeed, this letter from Peter to the people of God suffering under all kinds of oppression for their faith can be viewed as the outworking of Christ's exhortation in John 21 - 'feed my sheep'.

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Scripture Alone

On Sunday morning, Rev. James MacIver preached on 2 Timothy 3:16, 'Scripture Alone', the first in a series of five sermons on the Reformation 'solas'.

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Israeleach dha‑rìribh

Air Diardaoin 19mh Dàmhair anns a' choinneamh, shearmonaich an t-Urramach Seumas MacÌomhair air Eòin 1: 43 - 51, air an tug e an tiotal, 'Israeleach dha‑rìribh'.

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Consider Jesus

On Wednesday 18th October at the prayer meeting, Rev Kenneth I MacLeod preached on Hebrews 12, a sermon entitled 'Consider Jesus'.

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Service Details - 22 October

11am English Service (Church) Rev James Maciver Title: The Reformation (1) – Scripture Alone

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary) Rev Kenneth I Macleod

6.30pm English Service (Church) Rev James Maciver Title: Study 1, First Peter – God’s Chosen People

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