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Freewill Offering Envelopes - December Deposit Opportunity

DATE CHANGE: The below post has been edited to reflect a change of date. The hall will now be open on FRIDAY 4th December and Saturday 5th December for anyone wishing to drop off freewill offering envelopes.

In August and October of this year opportunities were given to those who prefer to contribute to the funds of the congregation by weekly freewill offering envelopes. These were successful events and our most sincere thanks is due to all who contributed to the funds of the congregation throughout the year by freewill offering envelopes, Standing Orders, BACS transfers or by cheques.

At the most recent meeting of the Deacons’ Court it was agreed to provide another opportunity for depositing freewill offering envelopes as per the following:

Repeat facility for depositing freewill offering envelopes:

  1. On Friday 4th December and on Saturday 5th December the church hall on Kenneth Street will be open between 2.00 and 4.00pm to receive freewill offering envelopes.
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Each year the ladies of Pairc get busy making soup and lots of puddings to serve at a fund-raising lunch in Stornoway. Why? Well, a bowl of broth or a plate of pavlova here , helps to support Marsali Campbell who grew up in Gravir and the charity Dwelling Places in their work, rescuing children from a life living on the streets of Kampala, in Uganda.

While that method of fundraising is closed to us this year, their work continues amid the additional challenges that Covid 19 brings. In this month, which we associate with Thanksgiving, are you able to share some of what you have with these children by helping Marsali and Dwelling Places in their work? Whatever you can contribute will make a difference. Thank you.

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The Free Church of Scotland National Day of Prayer

Wednesday 25th November 2020

Let's pray together for our nation and communities with a special focus on remembering our children, teens and young adults in these difficult days. See the Generation Mission website for more prayer points and resources to help you pray - click here.

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The Record:

Most will be aware that since March of this year printed copies of the Record were discontinued but it was made freely available online. Printing of the Record has now resumed and the November issue can be collected by those who subscribe to it from the church hall on Friday 20th November from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Each copy has been labelled with the subscribers name and address.

As subscribers have missed out on the April to October issues, they will receive the first six issues for 2021 free of charge.

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At the end of August, those who prefer to contribute to the funds of the congregation by weekly freewill offering envelopes were given an opportunity to do so. This was a very successful event and the sum contributed amounted to over £30,000. Our most sincere thanks are due to all have contributed to the funds of the congregation over the past few months whether it’s by freewill offering envelope, Standing Order, BACS transfer or by cheque. At a time of reducing income, with all the negative consequences it has for our own congregation and the wider work of the Free Church of Scotland, your generous support is much appreciated as together we endeavour to reach our cities, our towns and our rural communities with the gospel.

At the most recent meeting of the Deacons’ Court it was agreed to repeat the facility for depositing freewill offering envelopes. It was also agreed to use the opportunity to raise funds for the congregation’s Benevolent Fund, and to issue the 2021 freewill offering envelopes.

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Many months have passed since Campaigners last met due to lockdown restrictions and we have missed you all terribly!

Since we missed all our usual Term 4 fun activities (especially the camp for Crosstrax) we thought we would put together a wee Summer Holiday Survival Bag, for all three groups, to compensate a little for the Monday nights we’ve missed.

Parents/guardians of Campaigners are invited to come and collect a gift bag for each child. Our church hall (Rev MA Macleod Memorial Hall, Kenneth Street) will be open on WEDNESDAY 29th JULY between 10am-12noon for you to pop in and pick up the gift bag.

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Dear Friends,

We appreciate how difficult the past months have been for you all. The restrictions that have been in place over the Covid-19 pandemic, while for good reasons of health protection, have nevertheless imposed a curtailment of the services and activities we loved and enjoyed together. Now that we are seeing an easing of the restrictions, we hope that we can soon resume our use of church buildings again. Meantime, we wanted to inform you about the present situation and how we see the way forward, having met as a Kirk Session on Tuesday 14th July.

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Update on The Record, Giving and Foodbank Donation

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 The Record: As those who subscribe to the Record are not able to collect their copy at church services, it's been decided not to issue paper copies to congregations while the current restrictions are in place. As an alternative to paper copies, the Record is being made freely available online and the April edition can be viewed on the Free Church website It featured on the home page until Friday but it can still be accessed under the News tab. A PDF copy is available and can be accessed and downloaded using the following link:


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