Sunday School

***Sunday Schools will not meet for the time being due to the suspension of church services and government lockdown measures, April 2020***

Our Church runs two Sunday Schools in different districts. Through Sunday School we want the children in our town have the opportunity to be taught Gospel truths from a young age.

The following Sunday Schools meet each Lord’s Day: Central and Laxdale.


Central Sunday School

Stornoway Free Church Central Sunday School is open to all children in our congregation from age 3 to Secondary 2. We meet in the MA Macleod Memorial Hall adjacent to the church on Kenneth Street. There are currently children from six different schools who come along, so it is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends! The children are encouraged to attend the beginning of the morning service and sit in church with their families. The children and their teachers then leave the service during the second singing and make their way to the hall next door.

It is always a delight and a joy when new children join Sunday School. Children are welcome to start at any time through the school year. They will discover what the Bible can teach them, in a meaningful, fun, age-appropriate and relevant way. Visiting children and holiday makers are also welcome to attend.

For further information please contact Sunday School Leader Ian Murdo Macleod or 07887722269


Laxdale Sunday School

Laxdale Sunday School meets at 12:30pm in Laxdale School every Sunday during term time and is open to children from 4 years old and up.

We have a Sunday School picnic in May or June each year. The families and friends of the children are invited to join with the Sunday School on a trip to the beach, usually Ardroil in Uig. We have a barbecue and beach games as well as a dip in the river if the weather is warm enough!

The Superintendent is John Macphail. Please contact him for more information - 704389