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Click here to read our latest newsletter with what's on over the festive season as well as news of our communion being postponed to February. 


**Correction to this newsletter - please note there is NO English prayer meeting on Saturday 25th December **

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Rota - 2 July

2 July
Creche    Tweenies
Maighread Macphee   Elizabeth Ferguson
Dolly Mackay Kay Macleod
Dolly Mackay Kay Macleod
 Junior  Teas
Anna Maclean Mary Campbell
Hannah Morrison Mairianne Campbell
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Notices - 14 May

Free Church Statistical Survey 2017

Congregations throughout the Free Church will be participating in a Statistical Survey today.  On the way into church you will have been given a slip of paper which requires just two boxes to be ticked.  One tick is required to indicate the age category you belong to and the second tick to indicate if you are a Communicant member.
Children attending the crèche, Tweenies and the Sunday School will be counted in the hall. Children not in the hall will need to complete a slip or have one done for them by a parent.  
Tables where the slips can be completed and boxes into which they should be placed are at each exit and at the doors leading from upstairs.
The exercise will also be repeated for the evening service.

Sunday 14

The Congregational Fellowship due to meet tonight has been cancelled in respect of the worship with the family of the late Mary Murray which is at 9pm in the Seminary

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