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Notices - Sunday 21st May

The Lord’s Supper will be held in the congregation on Sunday 4th June 2023, at the morning service in the church, God willing. There will be no Gaelic service that day.

A preparatory service will be held on Saturday 3rd June, at 7.00pm, in the church. A congregational fellowship will be held in the M.A. Hall after the Sunday evening service. All three services will be conducted by Rev James Maciver.

The Kirk Session has decided that we will resume the use of communion tokens, which will be given out to all intending communicants on the Saturday evening after the service. The use of the tokens makes it easier for those on door duty to identify communicants and also gives an indication of how many communicants to expect.

 Anyone desiring to take communion for the first time is encouraged to make this known to either of the ministers, or their district elder, any time from today (21st May) onwards.

The Kirk Session will meet on Wednesday 31st May, after the Prayer Meeting, and on Saturday 3rd June, immediately after the service, and will be delighted to meet with those who wish to take communion for the first time. This is not an ordeal! Our concern is to help and encourage people in their understanding of what taking communion is about.

“As a presumptuous rudeness is a provocation to the master of the feast, so a distrustful shyness is displeasing to him; which looks as if we questioned either the sincerity of the invitation, or the sufficiency of the provision” (Matthew Henry).

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Service Details - Sunday 21st May

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Rev Calum M. Smith who will preach on Living as Servants of God from 1 Peter 2:13-17 Live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church)


11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by Rev D.A. Macdonald who will preach on Miann Dhaibhidh from Dara Leabhar Shamuel 23: 15 - Live on YouTube (Channel name - Free Church Seminary Stornoway)


6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Mr Scott Macleod who will preach on Who’s Seeking Who? From Luke 19:10 - Live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church)

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