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Notices - Sunday 8th January

Safe Families Scotland - Tuesday 10th January 8.00-9.00pm. 
Safe Families Scotland will hold a vision night online. This is open to any who may be interested in being a part of this work.

Safe Families aim is to bring hope, support and belonging to families by making them feel seen, heard and understood.

More information can be found on or Safe Families Scotland Facebook page. All are welcome to attend this meeting by booking online, please contact Scott Macleod on 07500 844587 if you require the link.

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Service Details - Sunday 8th January

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Mr Scott Macleod who will preach on Waiting from Psalm 40:1 Live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church)


11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on Iosa, Doras nan Caorach from Soisgeul Eòin 10: 7-10
- Live on YouTube (Channel name - Free Church Seminary Stornoway)


6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Rev Calum M. Smith who will preach on A Warm Welcome from Luke 15:11-32 Live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church)

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