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Notices - Sunday 1st May

Sunday School Snippet

Last Sunday we joined onto a Zoom call with our friend Muriel in Cambodia.  The Tweenies sang two songs for her. Muriel showed us on a map where Cambodia is and how to get there.  She told us about the language.  She showed us pictures of her house and the girls she works with.  The church is similar and different to our one and our Sunday School in Stornoway.  One time there was 53 people that got baptised and it was different to how we do it.  There was a couple who got baptised and their child watched it.  We learnt that it is good to know how other countries worship Jesus in other ways.

All the classes got a chance to ask Muriel questions. Muriel said that the weather is really good, so everyone goes outside a lot.

Some of our Sunday School collection that we put in each week will be given to Muriel to buy better resources for 3 different Sunday Schools like books, pictures to colour and pens to use them with.  Muriel asked us to pray for the Sunday Schools and the children that go to them, also the villages and that the children will be keen to go to Sunday School and get their parents excited for church.  Muriel also said “God bless” in Cambodian which was really cool and interesting.

Lydia Macdonald S2

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Service Details - Sunday 1st May

11.00am English Service (Church) conducted by Rev James Maciver who will preach on The Sinner's Dilemma and God's Solution from Isaiah 6:1-8 - Live on YouTube

11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary) conducted by
Rev James Macdonald who will preach on Chunnaic e am Baile from Lucas 19:41 - Live on YouTube

6.30pm English Service (Church) conducted by Rev Kenneth Ferguson who will preach on Who is that coming up from the wilderness, leaning on her beloved? from The Song of Solomon 8:5 Live on YouTube

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