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Service Details - Sunday 27th December

11:00am Service: Facebook, Youtube, Sermons page

Rev Kenneth I Macleod preaches on 'The Perfect Friend' from Proverbs 18:24 in this worship service recorded at home.

Order of Service:
Call to Worship: Psalm 4:3-8 (Sing Psalms)
Children's Talk
The Lord's Prayer
Scripture Reading: Proverbs 18
Sermon: Proverbs 18:24, 'The Perfect Friend'
Praise:  Psalm 84:8-12 (Scottish Psalter)

6.30pm Service: Facebook, Sermons Page

Rev James Maciver preaches on 'Act Boldly but Wisely in Faith' from Ecclesiastes 11 v 1-6.

Praise: Psalm 63 v 1-6 – Scottish Psalter, page 295
Reading 1: Matthew 25 v 14-30
Children’s address: The Birth of Jesus   (Matthew 2 v 11)
The Lord’s Prayer
Reading 2: Ecclesiastes 11 v 1-6
Sermon: Ecclesiastes 11 v 1-6
Sermon Title: Act Boldly but Wisely in Faith
Praise: Psalm 126 (whole), Scottish Psalter, page 419