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Service Details - Sunday 25th November

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Psalm 40: 1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p259
Psalm 116: 1-8 (Scottish Psalter) p395
Psalm 2: 6-end (Sing Psalms) p2
Psalm 130 (whole) (Sing Psalms) p173
Reading: Acts 9
Sermon Text: Acts 9: 15-16
Sermon Title: Paul- Persecutor turned Preacher

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Rev James Maciver
Salm 147: 12-16
Salm 78: 20-25
Salm 103: 4-5
Leughadh:  Ecsodus 16: 1-36
Ceann Teagasg:  Ecsodus 16: 14-15
Tiotal: Mana - Aran Dhè

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Psalm 30: 1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p239
Psalm 61: 1-5 (Sing Psalms) p78
Psalm 146: 1-8 (Sing Psalms) p191
Psalm 23 (whole) (Scottish Psalter) p229
Reading: John 9: 1-41
Sermon Text: John 9: 1-38
Sermon Title: Study 8 Encounters with Jesus: A Man Born Blind- “Now I See!”

Services next week:
11am Communion Service (Church) - Rev James Maciver:  The Lord’s Supper will be dispensed at the morning service on 2nd December. There will be no Gaelic service that morning. As usual there will be a preparatory service on Saturday 1st December at 7.00pm in the Seminary.  The preparatory and the Sunday morning service will be taken by Rev James Maciver and Rev Kenneth I Macleod will conduct the Sunday evening service. There will be a congregational fellowship in the MA Hall after the evening service.
The Kirk Session will meet at 6.30pm, before the Saturday service. Anyone who desires to take communion for the first time is invited to come to the Session after the service, taking a friend with them if they wish. Both ministers are also most happy to speak with anyone before then, if they wish to discuss any aspect of taking communion for the first time with either of them.

6.30pm English Service (Church)- Rev Kenneth I Macleod