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Notices - Sunday 22nd May

Services next Lord’s Day – 29th May
11.00am English Service (Church): Rev James Maciver
11.00am Gaelic Service (Seminary): Rev James Macdonald
6.30pm English Service (Church): Mr Scott Macleod


Creche: 11.00am in upper hall for children up to age 2.
Volunteers today: Annette, Kathleen, Anne Mackenzie.
Volunteers 29th May: Christine Smith, Elaine, Kate.


Tweenies: 11.00 in the main hall for children aged 3-4.
Volunteers today: ChrissAnne, Anna, Lily, Christina.
Volunteers 29th May: ChrissAnne, Donna, Joanne, Kate.


Sunday School meets in main hall for children in P1-S2.


Big YF meets in M. A. Hall at 7.45pm tonight.

The speaker is Dena Macleod.


Wednesday 25th May 7.30pm – English Prayer Meeting in the Seminary and on Zoom led by Rev James Maciver.  


Thursday 26th May 7.30pm - Gaelic Prayer Meeting in the Seminary led by Mr Murdo Martin.


Friday 27th May 1.00pm - Ladies Bible Study on Zoom.

For more information contact Sandra Kennedy 07825 178629.


Saturday 28th May 7.30pm – English Prayer Meeting in the Seminary.


Assistant Minister

We are thankful to God and delighted that at the Presbytery meeting last Tuesday Rev Calum Murdo Smith accepted the congregation’s call to become our Assistant Minister. The Presbytery set Friday 1st July as the date of his induction and the service will be at 7.00pm that evening (DV). We look forward to welcoming the Smith family into the congregation – Calum Murdo, his wife Johan and children Joni, Marissa, and Danny.

Sunday School Snippet

Today we started off by being asked what we thought was impossible and learned that it could be possible with Jesus.  Then we read Luke 7:11-17 in which Jesus went to a town called Nain and when he arrived, a widow’s son had died, and he had pity for her.  Then he told the young man to get up and the man sat up and began talking, Then we watched a National Geographic video about what happens to a caterpillar and how it turns into a butterfly.  Then we continued talking about the story and how great it was that Jesus did that.  After that we learned our memory verse and did our worksheets.  Once that was done, we did a special Sword Drill which was in teams to spot the odd one out of the books.  Then we played a Scrabble game to turn the word DEAD into LIFE by changing one letter at a time.  After that we had a quiz and if you got a question right, you got sweets.  Then we tidied up and went home after another great day at Sunday School.


Oliver Pr7


Manuel Lopez Franco - European Mission Fellowship

We were delighted to welcome Rev Manuel Lopez Franco to our meeting last Wednesday evening. Manuel gave an outline of his work in Almuñécar, Spain, where as a missionary with European Mission Fellowship he is pastor of a small congregation facing many challenges. A collection was taken at the meeting for Manuel’s ministry. Anyone who wishes to donate can leave an envelope in the collection plate. Please mark it ‘Manuel Franco’ and if donating by cheque please make it payable to Stornoway Free Church.


2022 General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland will commence on Monday 23rd May at 6.00pm at St Columba’s Free Church, Edinburgh. 

Principal Iver Martin, the former minister of our congregation, is the Moderator-Designate.  Please remember him in your prayers as he prepares to take up the role and as he serves the church in this capacity over the next year.

Public viewings of the General Assembly are due to be live-streamed on the Free Church website: 


Curry Night - Fundraiser for Kincraig Kids Free Church Camps.
A fundraising event for Kincraig Kids Free church Camps has been arranged for Friday 10th June in the Rev M A Macleod Memorial Hall at 7.00pm.  Booking is essential and to reserve a place please contact Alasdair Macleod (Ali Moley) on 07801691033 or by email to: [email protected]



After Church Tea Rota

Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted we are looking forward to providing a time of fellowship with a cup of tea or coffee in the M. A. Hall after the morning service each Lord’s Day beginning on 5th June. Two volunteers are required for each week. For more information or to volunteer please contact Lizzie: 07900 586 930.


Scottish Bible Society – Audio Recording of 2017 Gaelic New Testament

The Scottish Bible Society is arranging an audio recording of the 2017 Gaelic New Testament.

The Society will be recording in two different locations over an 8 week period.  They will be recording in Inverness in July and recording in Lewis in August. They are very keen to connect with folk in the Gaelic speaking community on the island who would like to be involved.

A preparatory meeting will take place on Friday 27th May at 7.30pm in the Free Church Seminary, Francis St, Stornoway.  All who are interested in being involved are invited to attend, particularly those who could read a portion of the 2017 Gaelic New Testament, and also for proof “listeners” who would listen every day to the recordings to check them.  

They are also asking for folk who would be willing to host Frank and Sean Dvorak (a husband and wife team who are doing the recording), providing accommodation and meals.

The project will also require a Project Manager during the month of August to help with practicalities. The Manager would be directly involved in the recordings, so would need to be a fluent Gaelic speaker. The Manager would also help out with admin such as scheduling and contacting readers, and co-ordinating hospitality (transport, food and drink, accommodation).

The Project Manager will be a paid position. Anyone interested in helping with the project but who cannot attend the meeting can contact Adrian Armstrong at the Scottish Bible Society to let him know on Tel Number – 0131 347 9827, or by email to [email protected].