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Bible Studies - Wisdom of James

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Service Details - Sunday 31st December

11am English Service (Church)

Rev James Maciver


Psalm 102: 21-28 (Sing Psalms) p134

Psalm 115: 10-15 (Scottish Psalter) p395

Psalm 85: 6-13 (Scottish Psalter) p340

Psalm 65: 8-12 (Sing Psalms) p82

Reading: Matthew 13: 24-33

Sermon Text: Matthew 13:33

Sermon Title: Living Like Leaven

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)

Rev Kenneth I Macleod


Psalm 84: 7-11,

Psalm 27: 4-5,

Psalm 122: 7-9

Leughadh: Psalm 122

Earrain: Psalm 122

Tiotal: The Joy and Peace of God’s House

6.30pm English Service (Church)

Rev James Maciver

Psalms: Psalm 106: 1-10 (Sing Psalms) p140

Psalm 79: 9-13 (Scottish Psalter) p332

Psalm 77: 15-20 (Sing Psalms) p101

Psalm 119: 129-133 (Scottish Psalter) p411

Reading: 1 Peter 1: 13-25

Sermon Text: 1 Peter 1: 17-21

Sermon Title: Study 8, First Peter-Hope and Holiness (2)

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Rotas Sunday 31st December

Rotas This Week

CRECHE Maighread, Dolly, Annemarie, Kirsty, Megan

TWEENIES Alison, Naomi, Karen

TEAS Dolly and Karen Rotas Next Week


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Notices - Sunday 31st December

There is a crèche that meets in the hall next door to the church during the morning service: age 0-2yrs upstairs and age 3-7yrs (Holiday Tweenies) downstairs. Parents, you are welcome to take your children to the crèche/Tweenies at any time and please remember to sign them in.

No Sunday School today.


Monday 1st January- There will be a New Year’s Day service in the church at 12 noon. The special collection taken at this service will be used to support the excellent work of Campaigners within the congregation.

Please note there is NO monthly bilingual service at 7:30pm on Monday 1st January.

Midweek Meetings: All at 7.30pm

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