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Notices - 28 May

Sunday 28th May
Youth Fellowship meets tonight in the hall after the evening service and all young people are warmly invited.

Tuesday 30th May
The Caberfaith group meets on Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Caberfeidh Hotel. Please join us for a time of informal discussion exploring what it means to be a Christian.

All Girls Allowed Craft group meet in the hall at 7:30pm.

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Rota - 28 May

28 May
Creche    Tweenies
Annabelle Maclean   Shona Macvicar
Alison Macdonald   Naomi Mackay
Catriona Neally   Elaine Poke
Kathleen Walker    Teas
Kirsty Baird (Junior)   Chrissanne Mackenzie
Megan Macsween (Junior)   Murtie Mackenzie
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Service Details - 21 May

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Robert Sinclair 
Reading: Genesis 39
Sermon Title: Joseph the Slave

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)

Rev Kenneth I Macleod

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Reading: Genesis 4:1-16
Sermon Title: The Sad Way of Cain

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Notices - 21 May

Sunday 21 May
Big YF takes place tonight, after the evening service in Kinloch Free Church. The speaker is Rev David Macleod, North Harris Free Church and he will be sharing with us on the topic of ‘Engaging with Church.’ We plan to attend the service in Kinloch Free church at 6pm so if young people can meet outside the church at 5:15pm we will head down together by minibus. Young people will be dropped off at their homes around 10pm. Thank you.

Tuesday 23 May 
The Cabarfaith group meets on Tuesday at 7:30pm in the Cabarfeidh Hotel. Please join us for a time of informal discussion exploring what it means to be a Christian.

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Rota - 21 May

21 May
Creche  Tweenies
Chrisell Macleod   Elizabeth Ferguson
Elaine Macmillan Chrissanne Mackenzie
Michelle Morrison Betsy Macleod
Karen Mackay  
Diane Morrison Alison Macdonald
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Notices - 14 May

Free Church Statistical Survey 2017

Congregations throughout the Free Church will be participating in a Statistical Survey today.  On the way into church you will have been given a slip of paper which requires just two boxes to be ticked.  One tick is required to indicate the age category you belong to and the second tick to indicate if you are a Communicant member.
Children attending the crèche, Tweenies and the Sunday School will be counted in the hall. Children not in the hall will need to complete a slip or have one done for them by a parent.  
Tables where the slips can be completed and boxes into which they should be placed are at each exit and at the doors leading from upstairs.
The exercise will also be repeated for the evening service.

Sunday 14

The Congregational Fellowship due to meet tonight has been cancelled in respect of the worship with the family of the late Mary Murray which is at 9pm in the Seminary

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Rota - 14 May

14 May
Creche  Tweenies
Ishbel Macleod   Liz Macleod
Kate Macdonald Kay Macleod
Moira Morrison Dawn Campbell
Mairianne Campbell  
Mary Campbell Mairianne Campbell
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Notices - 7 May

Sunday 7:

retiring collection will be taken at all services today, 7th May, for Day One (formerly Lord's Day Observance Society).  Collection points will be in place at each exit and at the two doors leading from upstairs

Youth Fellowship will join with the Bayhead Youth Group tonight at 8:30pm in the Bridge Centre. Young people are welcome to come to the hall after the evening service for pizza and refreshments before heading to the Bridge Centre together.
Parents can pick up at 9.45pm from the Bridge Centre. Thank you.

The Monthly Record for May is now available at the door.

Monday 8:

The Deacons’ Court meets at 7pm in the Kenneth St Session room.

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Rota - 7 May

7 May
Creche  Tweenies
Diane Macdonald   Shona Macvicar
Maighread Macphee Naomi Mackay
Dolly Mackay Elaine Poke
Annemarie Macphail  
Donna Macleod Iain Macleod
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Notices - 30 April

Campaigners Camp

Please remember in your prayers the Crosstrax group (25 campers and 11 leaders) this weekend as they are in Kincraig for the annual Campaigners Camp, Friday 28th April to Monday 1 st May. Thank you for your support.

Wednesday 3:

There will be an informal presentation at the close of the midweek meeting in the MA Macleod Memorial Hall to mark the retirement of Alan and Grace Veals from Campaigners after 26 years of dedicated service. All welcome.

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