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Poem On Love By Dr Kenneth Moynagh (1913-1972) Quoted By Rev James Maciver in Evening Service

Dr Kenneth Moynagh served as medical missionary from 1947-1964 in Rwanda/Burundi. Obituary in BMJ stated, “Throughout his medical career the mainspring of his life was his Christian faith.”

Taking the elements of “the fruit of the Spirit” in Galatians 5, he wrote the following poem, showing each element in relation to love.


Joy is Love exulting, and Peace is love at rest;

Patience, Love enduring in every trial and test;

Gentleness, Love yielding to all that is not sin;

Goodness, Love in actions, that flow from Christ within.

Faith is Love’s eyes opened the living Christ to see;

Meekness, Love not fighting, but bowed at Calvary;

Temperance, Love in harness and under Christ’s control.

For Christ is love, in person – and Love, Christ in the soul.