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Bible Studies - Wisdom from James

BIBLE STUDY Wisdom from James

This Bible study is based on the Letter of James and is intended for group discussion after an initial talk by the minister. The questions set out in each session of the study are intended to stimulate discussion and need not be kept to rigidly but all the questions arise from what is written in this Letter.

Session 2 How Can We Possibly Rejoice in Trials?

Passage for Study: James 1 verses 12-18

Outline of Talk:

* James defines the difference between “trials” and “temptation”. In doing this he warns us about the deceitfulness of sin and points us to the trustworthiness of God.

* James has a focus on the fact that it is our LOVE for God that is being tested in trials and not only our faith. Our commitment to God is as much an aspect of love as it is of faith.

* Trials give us the circumstances where a choice is left to us, either to obey God or fall back on ourselves. But, in addition, temptation provides circumstance in which we tend to be pulled towards our own sinful inclinations and so question God’s wisdom. The source of temptation is not God, but in ourselves, in our own sinful hearts.

* James spells out for us how subtle sin is. It does not appear ugly and deadly, but is rather like the bait used in fishing, yet it proves to be in the end, if we give in to it, a destructive thing. * Notice how James also in these verses tells us that there is a process in allowing ourselves to yield to temptation; it’s a process from what is less harmful to that which is destructive!

* Our strengths apart from the guidance and help of God turn out to be the most likely area of defeat. Our own goals, zeal, intentions can lead to selfishness and other sinful ends.

* James points out the danger in thinking that material possessions are the rewards of serving God and earning his favour. On the other hand, we can conclude that things which give us pleasure physically or materially must have something wrong with them. James emphasises that every good and perfect gift comes from God.



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Rotas - Sunday 4th February 2018


CRECHE: Catriona, Kathleen, Annabel

TWEENIES: Elizabeth, Donna, Annice

TEAS: Chrisanne and Murdo


CRECHE:Kate, Mary, Mairiannne

TWEENIES: Chrisanne, Karen, Naomi

TEAS:Mary and Alison

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Notices - Sunday 4th February 2018

Midweek Meetings:

Monday - Monthly Bi-lingual Meeting(Seminary)

Wednesday: English - Rev James Maciver in the M.A.Hall - Continuing the Study in the letter of James,

Session 2 will be "How Can We Possibly Rejoice in Trials" All Welcome

Thursday - Gaelic (Seminary) Rev K.I.Macleod

Saturday - English (Seminary)

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Service Details - Sunday 4th February 2018

11am English Service (Church) Rev Kenneth I Macleod


Psalm 40: 1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p259

Psalm 138: 3-end (Sing Psalms) p179

Psalm 16: 5-9 (Sing Psalms) p17

Psalm 71: 14-17 (Scottish Psalter) p311

Reading: Genesis 24: 12-end

Sermon Text: Genesis 24: 58

Sermon Title:A Bride for Isaac

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary) Mr Murdo Martin

6.30pm English Service (Church) Rev Kenneth I Macleod


Psalm 96:1-7 (Scottish Psalter) p358

Psalm 147:1-8 (Sing Psalms) p192

Psalm 145: 1-9 (Sing Psalms) p189

Psalm 91: 3-6 (Scottish Psalter) p351

Reading: Mark 1:21-end

Sermon Text: Mark 1: 28

Sermon Title: The Power of Christ's Ministry

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