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Service Details - Sunday 27th June

11.00am English Service: Rev James Maciver in the Church and live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church) 

Order of Service  
Psalm 108:1-5 – Sing Psalms (p146) 
Children’s Address and Lord’Prayer 
ReadingProverbs 25:11-28 (p659) 
Sermon Text: Proverbs 25:25-28 (p659) 
Sermon Title: Life Seen Through Comparisons 
Psalm 37:29-34 – Scottish Psalter (p255) 


11.00am Gaelic Service: Rev D. A. Macdonald in the Seminary and live on YouTube (Channel name - Free Church Seminary Stornoway) 

Order of Service 
Salm 89:2-3 
Reading: Leabhar nan Salm 2 
Sermon Text: Salm 2:6 
Sermon Title:  Rìgh Dhe 
Salm 149:1-2 


6.30pm Service: Rev Kenneth I Macleod, in the Church and live on YouTube (Channel name - Stornoway Free Church) 

Order of Service 
Psalm 107:1-8 – Scottish Psalter (p382) 
Children’s Address and Lord’s Prayer 
Reading: Isaiah 35 (p719) and Revelation 21:1-8 (p1250) 
Sermon Text: Revelation 7:11-17 (p1240) 
Sermon Title: The Best Has Finally Come 
Psalm 16:8-11 – Sing Psalms (p17) 


 To attend the English services in the Church, Kenneth Street: Contact Lorraine Shewan - or 07720321081. Bookings for each week should be made no later than 6.30pm the previous Friday. When booking by email please make clear the service or services you want to attend and the names and contact telephone number of everyone attending from your household. If you are making a booking for someone who is not a member of your household you should point this out at the time. For those who plan on attending the services regularly, please make Lorraine aware of this so that she can add your name(s) to the list for each week. However, if you are not able to attend a service you should contact Lorraine to let her know.

Bookings for Gaelic services in the Seminary, Francis Street: Please contact Elizabeth McGowan on 07900586930 or by email to and should be done no later than 6.00pm on Saturday.