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Monday Night Prayer Time

The ongoing Covid-19 restrictions and the recovery period are cause for continuing prayer. The Presbytery has had a prayer session set for Monday evening, 8-9pm, each week since the lockdown, when members of Presbytery give time to private prayer. Others can join them in private prayer during this hour.

Our Kirk Session decided last week that it would be appropriate to hold a Prayer Meeting for the Stornoway congregation, using Zoom, on Monday evening 8-9pm (25th May) so that we spend this time together in prayer to coincide with those in other congregations who will be praying in private.

The meeting will involve a number of men in pairs (probably around 6-8) leading in prayer, interspersed with some Bible readings relating to prayer. An email with login details will be sent to those currently using Zoom for the Wednesday evening meetings. Anyone else wishing to join the meeting are asked to contact Mairianne so that she can send them details. Please email

“Let us lift up our hearts and hands to God in heaven” (Lamentations 3:41).