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Many months have passed since Campaigners last met due to lockdown restrictions and we have missed you all terribly!

Since we missed all our usual Term 4 fun activities (especially the camp for Crosstrax) we thought we would put together a wee Summer Holiday Survival Bag, for all three groups, to compensate a little for the Monday nights we’ve missed.

Parents/guardians of Campaigners are invited to come and collect a gift bag for each child. Our church hall (Rev MA Macleod Memorial Hall, Kenneth Street) will be open on WEDNESDAY 29th JULY between 10am-12noon for you to pop in and pick up the gift bag.

We appreciate many parents are working, or families may even be off the island, but we hope as many of you as possible will be able to take up this opportunity.

The bags contain different items (e.g. books, crafts, puzzles, games, sweeties) for each Campaigner group. They also include 5 Bible-based challenges.

Due to the current circumstances, we’re sure you understand why the following measures are in place:

•the two hour window should reduce the number of people in the hall at any one time
•the bags were filled on Friday and haven’t been touched since then (more than 72 hours)
•use the hand sanitiser provided when you enter the hall
•please wear a mask in the hall
•entry is through the main door and exit is through the fire exit to ensure a one-way system
•please don’t allow children to run around the hall
•each child has their certificate on top of their bag for identification. Please do not touch any other bags.
•hopefully the weather will allow us to have a catch-up outside so we don’t remain in the hall for any longer than necessary

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!
Please pass on this information to others in Campaigners, thank you.