Archive: 26/01/2020

Notices - 26th January

Tonight- YF meets after the evening service until 9.30pm. Tonight’s topic is Right Relationships, which is the first of a new series for this term called ‘Salt and Light’. All secondary aged young people and their friends welcome.

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Service Details - 26th January

11am English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Psalm 138:1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p431
Psalm 25:16-22 (Sing Psalms) p30
Psalm 139:1-10 (Scottish Psalter) p432
Psalm 139(a):15-18 (Sing Psalms) p181
Reading: Psalm 49 p567
Sermon Text: Ecclesiastes 3:16-22 p669
Sermon Title: Study 7, Ecclesiastes –
Humans and Beasts, Any Difference?

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Mr Murdo Martin

6.30pm English Service (Church)

Rev James Maciver

Psalm 106:1-10 (Sing Psalms) p140

Psalm 30:1-5 (Scottish Psalter) p239

Psalm 63:1-8 (Scottish Psalter) p295

Psalm 133(whole) (Sing Psalms) -175

Reading:1 John 4:7-21 p1229

Sermon Text:1 John 4:7-12 p1229

Sermon Title: First John(15) - God's Love Made Clear

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