Archive: 06/09/2019

Notices - Sunday 8th September

Car Parking in Town Centre Streets
The last meeting of the Deacons’ Court was informed that cars continue to be parked in restricted or prohibited areas in the streets around the church. It was agreed to remind the congregation that the prohibition of parking on double yellow lines applies on the Lord’s Day just as it does on other days. One potentially serious consequence of such parking is the difficulty it could create for emergency vehicles, particularly fire appliances, if navigating town centre junctions is restricted by parked vehicles.  Those who choose to park their cars on the streets are encouraged to respect the parking restrictions and prohibitions which apply.  

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Service Details - Sunday 8th September

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Sermon Title: The Shepherd and the Door

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Mr Murdo Martin

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Sermon Title: Come and Eat

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