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Click here to view the Congregational Newsletter for August & September, which contains reports from summer camps, photos of recent weddings and an update from the Sunday Schools

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At the Wednesday (2nd Aug) prayer meeting, Rev.Kenny I. MacLeod continued his study on the Whole Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10 -20). He focused particularly on verses 18 – 20, where the believer is urged to pray ‘at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.’

The Word of God and prayer are inseparable for the believer. There can be no spiritual growth for a Christian who does not pray, read the Word and meditate upon it. Mr MacLeod said, ‘true prayer begins in Heaven and ends in Heaven’, which is to say that it is motivated by the Spirit, it takes place in the Spirit and is heard, finally, in Heaven.

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ETS Saturday Theology Course 2017-18

Edinburgh Theological Seminary have released details for the Saturday Theology Course beginning in September. You can do it online or come to our church hall once a month to join in the live Video Conferencing to the lectures in Edinburgh. It's well worth doing, and the topics this year are hard to beat!

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Service Details - Sunday 30th July

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary): Rev James Maciver

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver 

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Notices - Sunday 30th July

Summer Youth Camps
Please remember in your prayers all involved in the summer youth camps.
Camp running 29th July – 5th August: Kincraig Kids, Skye Shinty

Midweek Meetings: All at 7.30pm 
Wednesday – English in the MA Hall (Rev Kenneth I Macleod) 
Thursday – Gaelic in the Seminary (Rev James Maciver) 
Saturday – English in the Seminary

Children and youth groups All groups are off for the summer.

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Rotas - 30th July

Rotas This Week (Sunday 30th July)
CRECHE Annabelle Maclean, Alison Macdonald, Michelle Morrison, Anna Maclean, Hannah Morrison
TWEENIES Elizabeth Ferguson, Kay Macleod, Betsy Macleod 
TEAS Kate Macdonald, Dena Macleod

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Service Details - Sunday 23 July

11am English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary) 
Rev Kenneth I Macleod

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver

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Notices - 23 July

Special Birthday Greetings:

Our sincere congratulations to Mrs Mary Macleod of Matheson Road, who was 100 years old last Thursday (20th ). Mrs Macleod is the daughter of the late esteemed Minister of the congregation Rev. Kenneth Macrae, and the mother of our Assistant Minister Rev Kenny I. Macleod. We wish her God’s richest blessing on attaining her 100th birthday.

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Rota - 23 July

23 July
Creche    Tweenies
Chrisell Macleod   Chrissanne Mackenzie
Elaine Macmillan Kay Macleod
 Karen Mackay Dawn Campbell
 Junior  Teas
Anna Maclean Donna Macleod
Hannah Morrison Elizabeth Ferguson
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Service Details - 16 July

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod 

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary): 
Rev James Maciver

6.30pm English Service (Church):
Rev James Maciver

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