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Notices - Sunday 13 August

Sunday 13 August: Special Collection
A Special Collection will be taken at the close of all services today, 13th August, which will be presented to Rev David Macdonald who recently completed his studies for the ministry at Edinburgh Theological Seminary. David, who grew up in the congregation and has been a communicant member of it for several years, was inducted as Assistant minister of Back Free Church on Friday 11 August. We pray that God will richly bless David and his wife Jayne as they commence this new and challenging phase in their lives. Collection points will be in place at each exit door from the church and Seminary, and at the doors leading from upstairs in the church.

Midweek Meetings: All at 7.30pm in the Seminary
Wednesday – English (Rev Kenneth I Macleod) 
Thursday – Gaelic (Rev James Maciver) 
Saturday – English

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VENUE CHANGE for Prayer Meetings

PLEASE NOTE that the English prayer meeting on Wednesday 9th August will meet in the Rev MA Macleod Memorial hall at 7.30pm instead of the Seminary.

PLEASE NOTE the Gaelic prayer meeting on Thursday 10th August will meet in the Kenneth Street Session room at 7.30pm instead of the Seminary.

This is due to the ongoing renovation work, which has reached a stage this week that makes it problematic to use the building for public meetings.  Please spread the word, thank you.

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The Worthy Executive of God's Plan

On Sunday morning, Rev.James MacIver preached on Revelation 5: 1 – 7, Jesus, the Worthy Executive of God’s Plan. He described the passage as being like a drama, though not in the same sense as fantasies like ‘Game of Thrones’. Instead, the opening of this scroll, which is at the heart of the chapter, represents the unfolding of God’s plan – of the church in history, of the present-day church and of all that God will do in the future.

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Peter's Final Exhortation

On Sunday evening (6th August), Rev. James MacIver preached the 21st and final sermon in his series on The Life of Simon Peter. This study, entitled 'Peter's Final Exhortation' looked in particular at 2 Peter 3, where the author is reminding the recipients to be steadfast in the face of scoffers who will cast doubt upon the promises of God.

Peter counters the scoffers by telling that salvation is based upon facts, and upon events which actually took place, events to which he himself was an eyewitness (2 Peter 1:16-18). Crucially, he reminds his audience in chapter 1 so that they will cling to the foundational truths and not be led into apostasy.

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Service Details - Sunday 6 August

11am English Service (Church) Rev James Maciver 

Sermon Title: Jesus the Worthy Executive of God’s Plan


11am Gaelic Service (Seminary) Rev Kenneth I Macleod


6.30pm English Service (Church) Rev James Maciver 

Sermon Title: Study 21, The Life of Simon Peter – Peter’s Final Exhortation

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Rotas - 6 August

Rotas This Week (Sunday 6 August)

CRECHE Maighread Macphee, Dolly Mackay, Annemarie Macphail, Robbie Maciver, Annice Macleod

TWEENIES Liz Macleod, Elaine Poke, Naomi Mackay

TEAS Anne Macleod, Donald Macleod

Rotas Next Week (Sunday 13 August)

CRECHE Catriona Neally, Kathleen Walker, Michelle Morrison, Anna Maclean, Hannah Morrison

TWEENIES Chrissanne Mackenzie, Kay Macleod, Dawn Campbell

TEAS Dolly Mackay, Karen Mackay

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Notices - Sunday 6 August

Sunday 6 August
Bayhead Youth Group is hosting a Praise Night tonight and all are welcome. ‘Come along and join us in a night of praise and worship at the Bridge Centre, 8.30pm.’

Friday 11 August
The Ordination and Induction service of Rev David Macdonald as Assistant Minister to Back will be held in Back Free Church on Friday 11th August at 7.00 pm 

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Air feasgar Diciadain (3mh Lunastal) san t-Seamanaraidh, shearmonaich an t-Urr.Seumas MacIomhair air Ròm.1:1 -5.

Shamhlaich Mgr.MacIomhair an leabhar seo ri botal champagne – nuair a dh’ fhosglas tu e, tha na tha na bhroinn (ie teachdaireachd an leabhair) a’ brùchdadh a-mach sa chiad leth-dusan paragrafan.

Bha Pòl an seo a’dèanamh trì nithean soilleir:
- Gun deach Soisgeul Dhè a ghealltainn le fhàidhean fhèin;
- Gur ann mu thimcheall a’ Mhac-san a tha Soisgeul Dhè;
- Gur e adhbhar agus brìgh an t-Soisgeul Criosd a ghlòireachadh.

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Click here to view the Congregational Newsletter for August & September, which contains reports from summer camps, photos of recent weddings and an update from the Sunday Schools

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At the Wednesday (2nd Aug) prayer meeting, Rev.Kenny I. MacLeod continued his study on the Whole Armour of God (Ephesians 6:10 -20). He focused particularly on verses 18 – 20, where the believer is urged to pray ‘at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication.’

The Word of God and prayer are inseparable for the believer. There can be no spiritual growth for a Christian who does not pray, read the Word and meditate upon it. Mr MacLeod said, ‘true prayer begins in Heaven and ends in Heaven’, which is to say that it is motivated by the Spirit, it takes place in the Spirit and is heard, finally, in Heaven.

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