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On Sunday evening, 2nd June, Rev James Maciver preached on Amos 7:7 – end, ‘God’s Plumbline.

Who would want to be a prophet of God in Amos’s time? It was a period of great decline and apostasy in Israel. Many had adopted the awful lifestyle of the Canaanites which, despite the fact that it was so characterised by idolatry and departure from righteousness, they believed to still be serving the Lord.

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On Sunday 26th May, Rev James Maciver completed his study series, ‘Through Many Tribulations’, with a focus upon the conclusion of tribulation forever, as laid out for us in Revelation 7: 9 – 17.

Believers frequently muse upon whether we will recognise one another in heaven – the answer to which is surely that we will. However, Mr Maciver posed what is a much more pertinent and pressing question: will everyone gathered to hear this sermon meet again in heaven?

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The June & July 2019 edition of our newsletter is available to view online here.

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Notices - Sunday 2nd June 2019

Tonight -There will be Congregational Fellowship in the Hall after the evening service, where both ministers will be speaking.

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Service Details - Sunday 2nd June 2019

11am Communion Service(Church)

Rev Kenneth I Macleod

Sermon Title:The Who, Where, Why of Jesus' Death

6.30pm English Service(Church)

Rev James Maciver

Sermon Title:  God's Plumbline

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Midweek Bible Study - Joseph

This Bible study is based on Genesis chapters 37-50 and is intended for group discussion after an initial talk by the minister. An outline of the talk is given in each handout for each study. The questions set out in each session of the study are intended to stimulate discussion and need not be kept to rigidly but all the questions arise from the content of these chapters.


Session 3

“The Lord was with Joseph”

Passage for Study: Genesis 39

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Notices - Sunday 26th May

Youth Fellowship will meet tonight after the evening service in the hall. The theme is ‘Apologetics’ and and all young people are welcome.

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Service Details - Sunday 26th May

11am English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Sermon Title: Scoffing versus Truth

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Tiotal: A Thirsty Soul Cries to God

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Sermon Title: Through Many Tribulations (7)- Tribulation Ended Forever

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Notices - Sunday 19th May

YF will not meet tonight, sorry for any inconvenience.  
YF will meet next week, on Sunday 26th May, after the evening service, God willing.

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Service Details - Sunday 19th May

11am English Service (Church)
Rev Kenneth I Macleod
Sermon Title: Faith of Israel and Fall of Jericho

11am Gaelic Service (Seminary)
Rev James Maciver
Tiotal: Guth Fala Iosa

6.30pm English Service (Church)
Rev James Maciver
Sermon Title: Through Many Tribulations (6)- Grief

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